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How to make Bear Grease & What is Bear Grease for?

If you haven't tried out Bear Grease, you really should!! Bear Grease has helped my family with pain relief tremendously over these past few years.

It all started when our daughter was just a couple years old. She would wake up almost every night holding her legs and crying in pain. The Doctor couldn't see anything wrong with her legs so we figured it must be growing pains or juvenile arthritis. We tried soothing the pain with many methods but nothing seemed to work.. Until my daughters Grandfather (Gelineau Fisher) gave us a jar of Bear Grease. He said to rub it on her leg when it starts to hurt. We ended up trying it that night, and sure enough, it worked! We were shocked at how fast and how well it relieved her pain. To this day, our family still uses Bear Grease. Its our families #1 pain reliever.


Bear Grease is a Traditional Native American Medicine. It is known to have many uses such as,

Skin Care - Smoothes and moisturizes skin. Repairs dry, chapped, cracked skin. It relieves itch and helps heal cuts, minor burns and bug bites. It is also a great use on sunburns and swimmers itch.

Eczema- Bear Grease on eczema relieves skin irritation, itching, flaking and dryness, it aids in the healing and helps fight inflammation, helps moisturize the skin and regenerates skin cells.

Pain- Amazing pain relief also reduces stiffness and swelling. Great for arthritis, growing pains, headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel, leg and menstrual cramps, muscle stiffness, tendinitis, sore joints and pre/post exercising,

Cooking- Bear Grease can be used for any type of cooking that involves oil, including pan frying meat and oil in breads and pastries.

Hair- encourages hair growth and will grow out hair healthier and shiny. It restores hair regrowth to bald spots, and prevents baldness. Also used for removing lice.

Bear grease was also used as a waterproofing agent for leather and as an insect repellent by Native Americans. As well, it was used to oil knives to prevent rusting, a moisturizer to keep drum hide flexible and vibrant and a primary use for fuel in oil burning lamps.

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To make Bear Grease you will need fat from a Black Bear. My family doesn't hunt Bear but we happen to be lucky enough to come across a local bear Hunter whom gladly agreed to let us take the Bear Fat off his hands. In turn we gave his family a jar of the Bear Grease we had made.

Start by cutting chunks of the bear fat off . Try to get all the meat off so you just have the fat left to use.

Next cut the fat into smaller pieces so it melts better. If any small pieces of meat are left on, be sure to remove them. You don't want any meat mixed into it.

Put the Bear fat pieces into a pot or pan at low-med temperature. You do not want to cook the fat you are trying to melt it only.

Keep an eye on it and stir/flip the pieces around to make sure it is only melting and not cooking. We had ours on the stove for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Once most of it has melted, you will have lots of grease in the pan and the fat pieces will be much smaller in size. It's then time to remove it from the stove.

Next, you will need to strain the grease. Remove the left over fat pieces. Then use a strainer (small metal wire kind works best) strain the grease through the strainer into a bowl.

Then strain again and again. Add cheesecloth on top of the strainer to strain it even better. You are straining until there is nothing but liquid grease left in your bowl. I used a new bowl each time I strained it.

Once it is ready pour it into jars and let it sit over night. Then store it in the refrigerator. It will last a year or longer.

There are other methods for making Bear Grease such as adding a bit of water then separating the water from the grease, I have yet to try it.


From my understanding of traditional medicines, they are to be gifted or traded. As times have changed, it seems to be getting harder for some to receive the medicines that they are searching for. Because of this Blog post I have received emails of stories, people in need of Bear Grease; people who are unable to acquire any. I am gifting Bear Grease to some of the people in search of it. I would love to gift to all, but am unable to afford to at this time with the costs involved and so many searching for it. I will be adding a link for those of you who are having a hard time finding some and would like to purchase. With such an overwhelming response to this post, many sharing stories asking questions and looking to Buy Bear Grease; we have provided our shop web address for All Natural 100% Pure Bear Grease!!

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