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Mike Peters 1963 - 2013

Mike Peters Biography
Mike Peters Biography
Mike Peters Native Artist
Mike Peters

"Eagle Clan, Couchiching First Nation, Ontario

I am Mike Peters, a potter and artist of First Nations descent. I was born in Thunder
Bay, Ontario in 1963, of Ojibway heritage originating on Manitou Rapids reserve with
band membership on the Couchiching Reserve.

I have travelled a long and arduous road to connect with my spirit and culture. I receive
the inspiration and creative drive expressed in clay and artwork as a gift from the
Creator. My life journey through cycles of pain and darkness has allowed me to
recognise and cherish beauty, love and peace.

Early on, I dreamt of a soaring eagle, circling around and around. It spiraled down near
me and then became an owl. This dream began my return home, back into the circle of
my people. Creating and teaching are ways to help keep the circle strong and unbroken.

Self-discipline and honesty are required to centre and work with clay on the wheel.
Clay is in my blood and comes from Mother Earth. She is a natural teacher. The clay
provides healing, sustenance, nurturing and guidance. It will not lie.

I have become keenly aware of the inherent duality that life brings us each day, allowing
for struggle or surrender. This interplay between the contradictory nature of all creation
is evident in my use of black and white, shared with purple and blue, the colours I
received while Fasting. Delicate and intense images, alive and full of stories are received
from the Grandfathers and uncovered as each piece is created.

I have operated as a professional artist and potter since 1995, returning home to open
Four Directions Pottery and Fine Art in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1998. My pottery and
artwork have been shown at native gatherings, museums, galleries and exhibitions
across Canada. Private collections and commissions reside throughout Canada and the
United States, as well as in England, Africa, Ireland, Germany and the Czech Republic.

I hold a great respect and deep gratitude for the healing, guidance and spiritual strength
received through my work.


Mike Peters"