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Gelineau Fisher 1951-2015

Gelineau Fisher, an Anishinaabe Ojibwe Traditional Woodlands Artist. Born in 1951 in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. A Member of Long Lake 58 First Nation. Gelineau was taught by nature and his elders. Through his own style, Gelineau has learned the traditional ways of his people and nature.


A goal of Gelineau's was to become an NHL player, but through circumstances with a physical disability he put those thoughts aside. Gelineau at times would find himself drawing on the sand of beaches along the rivers and lakes where his ancestors once lived. It is through these experiences of art that would help him decide what his true destiny would be.


Gelineau spent many of his years living on ancestral grounds off of Raynar Lake, 28 km from the town of Longlac, Ontario. Gelineau's inspiration came from his ancestor's territory. Walking along banks of the rivers and lakes searching for old relics. Being in these places of his ancestors gave him the encouragement to continue his purpose. Many of Gelineau's pieces were created on these lands, also where he had built birch bark canoes. Many of Gelineau's art supplies such as birch bark, roots and cedar were gathered from the area of his ancestors.


Gelineau's medium was acrylic. He painted on water colour paper, canvas and small rocks. He also hand made and painted on cedar paddles, birch bark baskets, canoes and moose calls. Gelineau has also drawn with pencil on paper.


Gelineau had been painting professionally since 1977. He has had numerous group shows in Toronto and Thunder Bay, Ontario and in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. His work can be found in many private collections throughout Canada and USA.

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