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We are an Indigenous family run Business. Dedicated to carrying on the legacy of my Father, through his Artwork and showcasing a variety of Native Made Artworks to the world.

Remembering a great Ojibwe woodlands Artist, Gelineau Fisher

Gelineau Fisher, an Ojibway Artist from Long Lake #58 Reserve in Northwestern Ontario, paints in a one-room trapline shack. There, he is close to his spirit and is able to communicate his message as mind, body and spirit are at home, together.


Gelineau paints in a minimalistic style where finer, gentler lines are a trademark in his paintings. There is no violence, anger or recriminations in Gelineau's work, there is only a call to remember the "First Nations" and to seek strength in the spirit.


Gelineau shares with many contemporary artistic brothers, the role of "communicator" of Native values and beliefs to the rest of the world.

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