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Tobacco, Perique (Nicotiana tabacum)

Packet of 100 Tobacco Seeds

Family:  Nightshade (Solanacea)

Annual (80 days to maturity)
Native to Louisiana and originally cultivated by Native Americans (Choctaw tribespeople).  The tobacco is first shade-dried, then compressed and fermented until it becomes black in color and fruitily aromatic, a process which takes a year to complete.  Tobacco such as this is usually mixed with lighter leaves in smoking blends, cigarettes and cigars.  Plants prefer a full sun position, rich soil and do particularly well in a hot, humid climate.  Sow seed on surface of soil, press in and keep evenly moist and warm until germination, which takes about 2 weeks.  Thin or transplant to 3 feet apart.
100 seeds per packet, open pollinated, untreated, NO GMO’s

Tobacco Seeds


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