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Nigel Fisher

Nigel Fisher Artwork
Nigel Fisher Artwork

Nigel Fisher an Ojibway Woodlands Artist, born in 1979 in Geraldton, Ontario Canada. A Member of Long Lake 58 First Nation.


Nigel has always had an interest in artwork. Nigel grew up learning from his father, well know Ojibway Woodlands Artist Gelineau Fisher as he created many pieces of artwork. Today, Nigel continues to learn from his father while collecting his fathers past works of art. Nigel is able to study each piece while learning the meanings and the stories of each piece his Father had created.


Nigel first began creating art during his early teen years. He began selling his artwork in 2012. In 2017 Nigel and his wife created their Online Art Business, Canadian Aboriginal Fine Arts. With the creation of their business, Nigel hopes to carry on the legacy of his Father's Artwork and support other Canadian First Nations Artists. Through Artwork, Nigel continues to share the stories of his people.


Nigel creates in a unique style using symbolism and fine line work. All of Nigels pieces have meaning, relating to animals, nature or life itself. Each piece has a story to tell. Many pieces are based on stories he had once learned regarding native legends, teachings, colours, symbols and Line work. Nigel had started out drawing with ink on art paper but has moved on to paint many acrylic pieces mainly on Birch bark.

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