Mike Peters Artist “ Four Directions ” 2002


Artist Proof, Measures 12 7/8" x 17 (#2/12 A/P)

“Four Directions” has many meanings in the Woodland Native Art tradition. Not only does it signify the most obvious, north, south, west and east, one of its most important symbolisms is that of a clan member’s time on Mother Earth. This is signified by these four directions in time, [1] where are you from; [2] where have you been; [3] where are you now; and [4] where are you going. Like all in life we cannot change where we are from (parents, grandparents, family members, reserve or birthplace) nor can we change the past and what we have done. However we are not condemned to repeat the past in the present or the future, unless it is the good that we bring forward. However, the last direction is often a repetition of the first three, unless we learn and chart a new course from ourselves. We are always faced with these four directions in life.

This image was also used by Mike as his logo for his work, due to the strong symbolism it meant to him personally and what he was trying to achieve through his art, and life.

Note: 15% of the proceeds from the sale of Mike's art now is directed to the deceased artist's grandchildren.

Four Directions - Mike Peters Artist Proof

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