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Handmade Birch Bark Basket 2022

Made by Ojibwe Fisher Family of Longlake #58 First Nation.

Made of all Natural Materials. Birch Bark, Spruce Root and Red Willow.

Measures: 4.5 inches high, 14 inches round

Wiigwaasi Makak (Birch bark Basket)

The Ojibwe concider the Paper Birch Tree or wiigwaasaatig one of the most important trees. Birch bark was an important part of making many items such as containers, canoes, coverings for homes, decorative items, hunting and fishing gear, maps, musical instruments, toboggan and children's toys. Birch bark baskets were made out of a single sheet of birch bark, stitched together with spruce root. Containers of Birch bark Baskets were used for cooking, gathering berries, catching sap, wild rice harvest, hauling water and storing food.

Birch Bark Basket