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Lavender, Hidcote (Lavandula angustifolia var. hidcote

Packet of 50 Lavender Seeds

Family:  Mint (Lamiaceae)

Hardy to Zones 5 to 8
(Hidcote Lavender, Hidcote Blue) Dwarf variety of English Lavender to 18 inches tall, with gray-green foliage and deep violet flowers.  The flower color is the most intense of all the lavenders in my opinion, and the plant is also very pretty in a moon garden. Dwarf lavenders are tough contenders on the landscape and hold their own.  Lavender prefers a moderate supply of nutrients, calcium in the form of oyster shell, and a well-drained soil.  Mulch with sand.  Plants prefer full sun and a dry to mesic, well-drained soil.  Commonly grown in open fields or as landscape plants, mellowing the corners and curbs between buildings, driveways and sidewalks.  They are tough to the sun and should be trimmed back in the fall to prevent large amounts of snow from accumulating on them.  Seed is very hard and will benefit from a brisk scarification with fine sandpaper, followed by sowing on sandy soil in the light, kept moist and cool until germination, which can take 4 to 6 weeks.  Once the seedlings attain sufficient size, transplant them to quarts, grow them on that way for some weeks, with a sharp eye out for snails and slugs, then transplant again up to gallons, always freeing the roots at transplant and using a rich but fast draining mix.  Space plants 2 feet apart.
50 seeds per packet, Open Pollinated, Untreated, NO GMO’s

Lavender Seeds


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